Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Writing an Amazon Product review in 500 easy steps

You ever thought about writing an Amazon Product review for fame and fortune, or just because you absolutely LOVE the Product?

Amazon Product Review.

 This is the first paragraph. In this paragraph you describe just how awesome the product really is, while capturing the readers attention and interest so that they read on. You can make it up to 5 lines or so. I usually like to make it 4 to 5 lines. This is line number 5.

Key Features with an H2 Header.

 This Parapgraph is where you introduce the first key feature of the product. Notice that the header has the < H2 > tag so that it stands out and tells the reader it is something important. Again you want to make this paragraph 4 to 5 lines. This is line 4 in the paragraph. So this would be line number 5.

Second Key Feature.
 Notice that this paragraph does NOT have any HTML tags? That is ok, because you are still describing features here. I DID make it BOLD so that the reader knows it is something important.Remember that most people that read reviews are looking for information, and many will only SCAN the review instead of reading the whole thing. You rock! This is sentence number 5.

This Header is the third feature.
 Again, NO H2 tag on that paragraph header either. Another method that I like to use is to give each feature a paragraph header, just to mix things up. Either way is ok. I mostly use the Product Features or Key Features for these 3 paragraphs so if someone is looking for specific features they can read THIS section, and then scroll down to the “Buy my useless Product Please” Call to action at the bottom.

 See how you zeroed in the features in ONE specific section. Knowing what your readers are looking for is important. This Paragraph did not have ANY header either, but ya kept reading, didn't you?

Pros and Cons of the product.

 In this section you will have some useless babble about what you really really like about the product and why. After 4 to 5 sentences you will have Bullet points with Breif descriptions of each reason why you liked the product. It would look something like this.
  • My Product is made in USA
  • It is really well made
  • I was able to drag it behind car and still use it at work
  • My dog LOVES it!!!!
  • It smells funny
 When a person is scanning a review these will again stand out to the reader as they scroll through your hard work. Make the points stand out as much as possible. You will want at least 5 good pro's with bullet points.
In this next section you can include Amazon reviews that highlight Key features and why people love your product. Another thing you can do instead is to mention how MANY reviews the product has, what percentage of people love it and the average score it got.

 In this next section you want to point out a few (count E'm, 2) of the Cons against buying this product. Obviously you will not want to mention the worst things that can go wrong with the product. If the product bursts into flames or causes Hemorrhoids, don't mention it here.
  • This awesome product will automatically lobotomize everyone in a ten foot radius.
  • Bursts into flames when placed in window


 This is where you will summarize the main good points of your review. Notice that we also have a H2 Tag for the paragraph header for this paragraph. This is to inform the people that may scroll that this is important. It summarizes your good points and key features of the product. The small sizes of each paragraph will also hold the short attention spans of the average reader who is skimming pages like this looking for certain information.

 Since I had more to say, I broke the information into a second paragraph so that you wouldn't lose interest. Pretty nice of me huh? And don't forget, send Lots and LOTS of money.

Selling your finished product.

 If I make this sound easy that mainly because it IS. You get most of the information you need from the product page itself, highlighting what others may have said good AND bad about the product, and then use a template like this to put it all together.

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